Charlie Kunz Piano Medley (on Sterno 1934)

The following list gives details of Piano Medleys made by Charlie Kunz on the Sterno label in 1934. There were fourteen records1 in the regular series. The list is compiled from the record labels of the collection of John Vosper and no recording outside of the regular Sterno series is listed. Many of the Sterno medleys were re-issued at a later time, probably in 1937, on the Decca label as Kunz Revivals. Collectors seeking the Sterno medleys may well find the Revivals versions to be superior to the Sterno recordings if they can find copies in good condition, as Decca pressings were often of better quality than the Sternos. In all of the Sterno medleys, and indeed in the later Rex medleys up to and including R12, Kunz played without a rhythm section. Sterno recording quality was not good, with a distinct lack of bass and often with some turntable rumble. However, some of the tunes recorded were outstanding and these medleys will form an important part of the collections of Charlie Kunz fans. All Sterno medleys are entitled ‘The Kunz Medley’.

No medley

Part 1 Part 2

Serie No.

Matrix number

1 Some of these Days; With a Song in my Heart; Night and Day. If You Could Care; Kiss Me Again; Waltz from ‘’Bitter Sweet’’ 1342 S 3483 + 8 -; S 3484 + 9
2 I never Realised; The Birth of the Blues; Pink Elephants Rose in the Bud; Speak to me of Love; Some day I’ll find You. 1353 S 3552 + 8 –1 – 2 –3, S 3553 +8 –1 –2
3 Poor Butterfly; After You’ve Gone; Whispering Alice Blue Gown, Just a Little Love, a Little Kiss, Chocolate Soldier Waltz 1361 S 3585 + 9 –1, S 3586 + 9 –
4 Strauss Waltzes: Blue Danube; Thousand and One Nights, Vienna Blood. (arr. Kunz) Artist’s Life; Tales from Vienna Woods; Wine, Women and Song. (arr. Kunz) 1382 S 3666 + 9 – 2, S 3667 +9 –
5 Dancing Time; I Kiss Your Hand Madame; The Girl Friend; Indian Love Call. What’ll I do; Always; When you and I were Seventeen 1406 S 3768 + 8 –, S 3769 + 9 –
6 Desert Song; Gipsy Moon; I’ll Follow my Secret Heart Everything I have is Yours; We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye. 1421 S 3801 + 9 –, S 3802 + 9 –
7 If You were the only Girl in the World; When Irish Eyes are Smiling; Beautiful Garden of Roses; Three o’ clock in the Morning I Ain’t got Nobody; If I had You; Time on my Hands 1453 S 3870 + 3 ,S 3871 + 2
8 Annie Laurie; On the Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond; Comin’ Thro’ the Rye; Auld Lang Syne. Can’t We Talk it Over; Oh! You Beautiful Doll; Dinah 1470 S 3927 + 8, S 3928 + 8 –
9 1 When a Woman Loves a Man; True; Isle of Capri. Lady of Spain; Dreamy Devon; Lifes Desire. 1487 S 3975 + 8, S 3974 + 8 –
10 For All We Know; I Saw Stars; All I do is Dream of You. Love in Bloom; With my Eyes Wide Open; She Reminds me of You. 1505 S 4038 + 8, S 4039 + 9
11 I Can’t Give You Anything But Love; Ain’t She Sweet; Auf Wiedersehen , My Dear. Roses of Picardy; I Love the Moon; Marcheta. 1527 S 4110 + 8 –, S 4109 + 9
12 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; Vilia; Who Made Little Boy Blue. The Lights are Low; Life is just a Bowl of Cherries; Stars Fell in Alabama 1560 S 4144 + 8 – 1, S 4145 + 9 – 1
13 If I had a million dollars; The Very Thought of You; As Long as I Live. You Have Taken My Heart; Waltzing Alone; Love Forever I Adore You. 1561 S 4185 + 8 – 1, S 4184 + 8 –
14 What a difference a day made; The Spring don’t mean a thing to me; Roll Along Covered Wagon. Part 2 Little Girl What Now?; How Can You Face Me; I’m Afraid to open your Letter. 1568 S 4232 + 9 –, S 4231 + 9 –


1. Private telephone conversation with the late Eddy de Roever who was a Dutch pianist who played in the Charlie Kunz style. He informed me that there are fourteen Sterno medleys.

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